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Since the time I was a teenager I have been suffering from high blood pressure. I had always had to observe strict rules to maintain normal health condition and avoid critical situations. The medications I have been using for that purpose were different but most of them would lose their effectiveness with time. So I could never relax too much as I was always waiting for the signs of medication losing its magical effect. Then I had to go to my doctor and ask for a switch to another med. I have changed dozens of drugs and therefore I know the true value of a good med to lower and control blood pressure. Now I am on Trandate and it is the best I have ever seen. It remains 100% effective for 5 months already, this is my record. I hope I won't have to change the med for a long time as it is so damn good: no side effect, easy to use, cheap and effective. If you're looking for a blood pressure medication, give Trandate a chance.
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My life is governed by hypertension for more than 13 years. It is not the worst disease on the Earth, but it can considerably poison your life and create a bunch of problems. And as with any other disorder, you have to struggle with it, if the quality of your life means something for you. Cause if you just hang your head the disorders will see you're weak and more of them will come. So never neglect your health and fight for your life level. During the time I am fighting with high blood pressure I have tried hundreds of meds. Now I'm on Trandate - it is very effective, makes maintaining my blood pressure at the normal level easy and almost pleasant task. With this medication I am not afraid of hot days, some physical exercise or excitement. Before I have also had positive experience with certain meds, but the effect was either accompanied by side effects, or they caused addiction. With some meds even having sex was dangerous for me, as when I had orgasm my heart started beating madly and there was awful noise in my ears. Trandate is such a great change for the better that I can't even express my admiration at full. It is safe and effective, not expensive and easy to use. What else could I wish from a hypertension medication?

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